The good news is that Birddog got his ‘78 C10 into fighting shape finally last night, and my scooter is ready to rock for Idiot Fest 2019. The bad news is that my buddy Bill has had a major setback getting his Chinesium 150cc scooter into shape. After replacing a valve spring and the carburetor, as well as increasing the size of the fuel line and deleting 1 or 2 fuel filters, the engine is running better than ever before. Unfortunately, Bill decided to have the valve stems replaced because they had some ugly cracks in them, and the shop didn’t balance the wheels after remounting the tires, so it shakes violently above 40 mph. He took the wheels back off last night, to bring them back to the shop after work and make them actually do the balancing. He may bail from the trip though, if he can’t get that fixed up :/

Image: Birddog

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