On the subject of mid-size cars available as of March 2018, the B8 Passat continues to be one of my preferred designs. That being said, it is still a little on the aggressive side. Are others fairing any better?

It’s safe to say plenty have failed. To be blunt: the Sonata has the maw of a fish, while the Altima is fish food, the Camry is an amalgamation of all my least-favourite current styling trends and the less said about the Malibu, the better.

Now we move to the cars that neither offend nor interest me. Subaru’s Legacy is lacking any strong identity, the Optima has not particularly changed much since 2010 and the Mondeo is awfully Marmite in certain angles - much like the new Insignia. Regardless, both designs are fair rivals for the aforementioned Passat.


Before we get to the highlights, it’s time to step into controversial territory.

I’m afraid the new Accord is not my cup of tea - it’s got an awful silhouette and overall appears far too busy to be striking. I appreciate the effort if anything.


I suppose that leaves the Mazda6 as the last car standing. It certainly is the prettiest car here (in the right colours - at least), even if its sweeping roofline is an ergonomic nightmare. The 6 is still an ambitious design - and I can only hope Mazda continues to serve as Japan’s Alfa Romeo in years to come.

That being said, after much consideration, I have concluded what the best mid-size car design of March 2018 may indeed be.


The Peugeot 508.

The 508 offers a sense of empowerment few middle-management cars could only attempt to replicate. While the front fascia is edging on kitsch for some; everything from the stature and proportions - to minor details like the steering wheel and taillights capture the energy of an optimistic concept sketch. Still not without faults (the iPad dashboard is among them) - the whole package ultimately feels like progress, and to me, that’s the most important part.