You know all these people who say, “Give new Top Gear a chance!”? Well, I am glad to say that I won’t be giving new Top Gear a chance. For me, watching Top Gear was never about watching the show; it was the personalities of Clarkson, May, and Hammond which were what drew me in and kept me watching reruns for years. I often also watch Clarkson’s Car Years as well as James May’s Cars of the People (which, incidentally, are two very similar shows separated by twenty some-odd years) just to get my TG-trio fix. That’s why I never got into American Top Gear and why I probably will never watch new Top Gear. Personally, I find someone hooning about in a fast sports car rather boring unless accompanied by Clarkson’s snide remarks or May’s factual analyses, so The Grand Tour it is! Thanks for reading, I just needed to get that off my back.

James May’s Cars of the People - Episode 1 by UKTVDOCUMENTARIES

Some Cars of People and Car Years for your time.