Well, lads I am still waiting on a couple more parts deliveries, but upon returning to the castle I was greeted by this sight:

After quickly exercising the dogs, I began to take stock of my new bits and bobs for Jazzie. Please excuse my mess, we are still settling into our house. First up we have the Terrafirma 3” lift springs and shocks. SO pretty, so beefy!!!! Also, please excuse my yard, I am working on it almost every weekend. The previous owners chose to upgrade and work on the house instead of the yard, which is fine by me.

4 beefy shocks, 4 beefy springs, mounting hardware So excited

And now we have the full lot of bits: Terrafirma stainless steel extended brake lines, Terrafirma HD steering rods, lift springs and shocks. (Not pictured new rotors, pads, spark plugs, plug wires). Notice the ACE front and rear pumps hiding in the corner of my garage next to my old lady chairs.


All in all a great day and I cannot wait to get down to business and install her new legs. Still waiting on my rear driveshaft and conversion kit.