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The Great Blizzard of aught-17

Looks like I’ll have to dig Mrs. Ttyymmnn’s car out in the morning. Not looking forward to that.

Blowing snow and near whiteout conditions brought Austin to a standstill tonight, with Governor Abbott calling out the Texas National Guard and warning that travel should only be undertaken in extreme emergency, as the region reeled under the heaviest snow in years.

Trying to decide if we should brave the whiteout to go get our tree

Actually, we just got some really nice flurries, the first measurable snow (even if it was a tiny amount) in quite a long time. Just enough to coat the cars and put a lovely dusting on the lawns. And, in a fit of extraordinary good luck, the snow flurries coincided with our trip to buy a Christmas tree. The snow put me in such a good mood that I didn’t care that I spent an arm and a leg for a (formerly) live noble fir, the biggest tree we’ve had in years.

The homestead, buried under the drifting snow.
Our tree, with me enjoying a little Christmas cheer.

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