The Great Oppo Hunt

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Hello, Oppo! Let’s have some fun.

While working on the logistics of seeing if I can put on an Oppo Rally this year I got an idea for a similar styled game that most if not all Oppos (or at least U.S. Oppos) will be able to partake in, regardless of location or schedule. Here’s the premise: I will give a list of roadside items to look for that are offbeat, but can be found across the country. For example, I could say something like the Sinclair dinosaur statue (not really because they don’t exist in the east, but that’s one example). There will be a period of a few weeks where Oppos will try to find as many of these items as they can. When an Oppo finds one of these locations they’re to take a photo of the spot and upload it to the weekly hunt post. They must include a Hot Wheels or other portable item in the photo to prove it’s not just a stolen stock photo. Points will be awarded for each find, with bonus points for first to find (to be clear, that’s first to find the individual, not first to find overall. So, for example, first to find the Sinclair dino in Long Beach and first to find the Sinclair dino in Boise would both get bonus points).


Since I can’t guarantee even coverage and convenient proximity for everyone (I mean we’re talking about a nationwide thing here) there will be no prizes to be had aside from bragging rights. The main point of the game isn’t to win as much as it is to get out, have fun, and maybe find some cool stuff you didn’t know about.

I’m already working on a list of locations/landmarks to hunt for. I plan on initiating the game in mid-late spring, depending on my rally schedule. Let me know if you think this sounds like fun.

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