Hey OPPO!!!! Long time no see! I have finally finished my move and settled myself in the beautiful city of Denver. I am now residing in the Cherry Creek area, for those of you who know the city. Being in this area is great because there is alot of money and that means there is alot of beautiful cars. And this is where my problem comes in. Over the last couple of weeks I have seen Masseratis, C7 Vettes, Ferarri's, a couple Lambo's, a Viper or two and one HEAVILY modified Elise. However, there has been one car that I have seen more than the rest. This car is one of my favorite vehicles on the market today.

The Nissan GT-R. And not only have I seen this car in Matte Orange, Matte Blue, Matte Black, but there is now a person living in my building that owns a Matte White GT-R.

This is the greatest car Quandry I have faced. Every morning I wake up and step out for my short bike ride to work, and there it is in all its matte glory, parked in my buildings lot. An when I get home there it is once more... just staring back at me.

Being faced with one of my dream cars every day has started to wear on me. And now i find myself scaufing as I step outside and see it looking back. Its like I'm starting to loathe the GTR and I know I shouldnt. Seeing this car every day is almost making me hate the GT-R.


So OPPO let me ask you this. Should I be feeling these negative feelings from this car being present all the time or should I be happy to have it there every day even though I cannot drive it, or be in it (giggity). And I ask you to reflect, if you were faced with one of your dream cars every single day and you couldnt drive it or be in it (giggity) how would you react.

The picture is the actual GTR I see every day.