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The Hondai CRX Si is the best car in the world. It weight of around 2,000lbs and had fully independant wishbones. It was a japanese porsche, without all the performance and sexiness. The engine is eager to rev to the limits and its super fast and easy to supercharge the engine with a supercharger. It takes like 5 minutes if you know what your doing, unless you have a roots supercharger which requires you to dig up the roots of the old engine and replace them with the super ones. 

The engine has vtec on it which allows the engine to spin at higher rpms while only displaying lower rpms, which makes for more power. Example: Engine is at 9000rpm but the tach says it is at 2500rpms. This lets the car use less gas but make more power because it thinks its going slow but its really going really fast. The brakes are there, but i would replace them with the biggest possible size because the vtec makes the car a lot faster than you think. The manuel transmission has 6 speeds, all of them fast so I would be careful when racing against people, especially if its shabbos because people will be walking around and stuff.

The aftermarkert for Hondai CRX Si's is gigantic. You can replace everything on the car with something that looks like carbon fiber which helps save weight while maintaining the race car looks. I personally would swap the wheels for bigger ones and then put on a lip and some side skirts to really make it a race car. Those mods along with the supercharged engine makes the CRX Si the greatest car ever made. Except for the Subaru SVX, which is essentially an sti with more windows to help you see the trees and spectators.