This is the third attempt at making a fake mouse. After 2 months, the cats still chase it. Attempt 1: I used this same car but glued a fake mouse to it(bought at pet store). The cats loved it for about a week then stopped chasing it around. Attempt 2: This time I got a tank. No more dodging carpet and rugs. And no more stuffed animals. I ordered a coyotes face off Amazon. It had a freaking nose and ears.

I took apart the tank and glued the coyotes forehead to the top. This worked great. The cats loved it. A little too much. They wouldn’t chase it, but would pick it up, take it behind the couch and destroy it. Tank treads broken in many pieces

Treads long gone

So at this point I realized how much money I had spent on this silly project and used what was left over to make, Attempt 3: Using the same car I had started with I threw away the plush mouse. I took the coyotes cheek area and cut it to fit the car. Add a little hot glue and presto


Headlights & brake lights still work so I can tell front from back

The cats like this one just the right amount. They’ll play with it without trying to eat it.


They’re ferocious