The above exit has gone from the most terrifying part of my commute to the most fun. I’ve said it before and I will probably say it a few more times, but my most recent set of snow tires are garbage!

They are just OK in the snow, but in the rain they might as well be made out of PVC. They are Yokohama IceGuard tires, and I wish I hadn’t been so cheap when I bought them. For another $200 I could have had the performance spec Blizzaks, which are great.


My summer set is back on so I pushed a little harder on the exit ramp pictured up top. The road was wet, but not a peep from the tires! It is much more enjoyable to drive.

Anyone know how the snow tires could suck sooo bad? Just the compound with warmer temperatures? We’re talking about losing the front end at 15mph in a roundabout! (wet road).Can’t blame all of that on it being an Audi!