The GS is Home and Already Costing Me Money!

Flew out to Nashville and picked up the GS from a small dealer last Saturday. Flight went out at 6am and I got back home at around 8pm. It was a long day. Good news is that the GS ran like a champ the entire way. Bad news was that given the lousy stretch of I-40 running through Knoxville, I ended up with a bubble in the sidewall of one of the rear tires.

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First pic of the actual car above, right as I was about to set off from the dealership. Car was almost as described both by them and the Lexus dealer that performed the inspection and every little doo-dad in it works (so far). One thing they missed (or it might’ve happened on the way home) was a couple stone chips in the windshield. Both are small and neither are line of sight, so I took it into Safelite to have them repaired on Thursday.

Given the sidewall bubble, I went ahead and replaced the two worst tires with a pair of Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+, which I’ll complete the set when the other two Sumitomos that came with it wear out. Road noise has already been reduced in the already-quiet cabin just with replacing those two tires.


I ordered up a K&N for the engine air filter and a new cabin air filter as well since the inspection said both were due for replacement. Also found the trunk a little heavy to lift and easy to slam, so a new set of the trunk struts were ordered as well off Amazon. Hopefully the trunk struts get here by this weekend so I can just go ahead and install everything on Saturday.

Next major items upcoming will be the 120k service which covers a number of items and replacing the worn suspension components. She was a tad floaty at interchanges on the way home, I definitely need something a bit more buttoned down.

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