They're right, you know. You don't know what you have, until it's gone. I recently switched to some Kumho Ecsta ASXes after a brutal winter on summer tires. Immediately, you feel the difference. It's about 25 degrees outside, and I hear that summer tires stop working at around 45. Naturally, you'd think the Kumho tires, which are all season, would be better in colder weather. Wrong. There's a highway entrance by my house, which according to the speed limit sign, you should enter in at 20mph. Today, I entered in at 45mph, before feeling uneasy. In the Hankook's, I could have easily entered that banked curve at 80mph, without sliding.

The feeling you get when you switch off the tires is astounding. It's like any grip that was given to the vehicle has been taken away. It's like driving on a wet surface with these Kumho tires, which is bad, considering the surface was dry.

Unfortunately, as a college student, I only had 400 dollars (including tax) to spend on tires, which I needed (side wall was bubbling and about to burst on my old tires).

TL,DR: I miss my Ventuses.