I work in auto sales. I am a car enthusiast. My buddy and coworker is also a car enthusiast. What do we talk about during downtime at work? Buying cars.

We typically give each other hypothetical buying situations and discuss our choices.

Yesterday my buddy dropped the bomb.

Here are the rules:

1. You have $35,000 to spend, this includes destination charge. It does not include tax, title, and dealer fees. Example: Car x is $34,950 after destination charge, it is good to the rules, even though the total cost will exceed $35,000 when you include taxes.


2. This will be your ONLY car. This means it must be practical.

3. The car must be NEW. Used cars break any hypothetical.

4. Rebates are not considered. Jerk move, but this challenge is supposed to be difficult. You pay MSRP.


5. Here is the biggie, it must be a LUXURY MARQUE. We are talking BMW, Merc, Audi, Lexus, Caddy, etc.

The challenge is, realizing that you have to give up a lot of luxury features to get the car to fit the rules. Do you want a nice interior? Give up size and go with an A3. Want a prestigous badge and model? Enjoy your BMW 32oi with leatherette. In this game you have to make sacrafices.

So post your choices, and give a little insight towards your pick.

Here are my picks:

1. 320i manual. I know it is the smallest engine you can get in the car, but I need a real set of back seats, plus the vehicle will still be a fun driver.


2. 228 manual. Here I give up size for performance.

3. Buick Regal AWD. I went rouge on this one. My buddy protested, but it is a powerful vehicle for not much money. However, is it fun to drive? Does it have any prestige? My friend also argues that Buick isn't really a luxury brand in the same category as BMW, Lexus, Audi, and so on. I cheated with this pick.

photo taken from Wikipedia