There are Lancia Stratos replicas, such as this Lister Bell version.

However, I have never heard of, or seen pictures of, an open-top version. Yet curved-windscreen cars do look good with no top. And are also much easier for taller-than-average people to get in and out of.


So, I am wondering, if anyone has surgically removed the roof and re-sculpted the top edge of the glass on a Stratos, even if the B-pillar roll hoop and air-foil is left in place...

On a secondary note... I wonder if such a body would fit on a Factory Five 818 chassis... a great concept, badly in need of an actually good looking body, which Factory Five seems unable to accomplish, despite the project starting with a design competition with publicly submitted entries, that were all summarily thrown out the window.


I can only imagine the epic awesomeness of a Subaru RWD mid-engined lightweight chassis, under a Bertone-designed Stratos replica body, sans roof, as a barely-street-legal road/race car.

I know that Factory Five doesn’t say that the chassis has enough engine bay length for a flat-6, but I can only imagine the insanity of a rebuilt-for-turbocharging SVX EG33 engine with twin turbos laid out like a Ferrari 288 GTO/F40’s engine bay.