In it's most impressive state it was called the Chrysler Valiant Charger R/T six pack coupe. This was the Hemi that we never got in the US, and Australia got to enjoy. I so wish we had our turn! Inline six, 265 cubic inches (4.3 liters) and in that model it had three Weber 45's tuned exhaust and 10:1 compression.

In 1966 Chrysler america developed this engine using a hemi shaped chamber of about 35% of a sphere. pushrod operation with large valves and big square ports. They shelved it because really why did we need it? We had some giant elephant hemis instead people would rather have at the time. Australia needed it so we gave it up to them. And this is what they made for their people. The fact alone it could be had from the factory with webers and headers makes me drool a little bit. With 7 main bearings and designed at first as a replacement for the slant-6 truck engine, it was exceptionally stout and power modding followed. Oh the noise it makes....

What's it sound like you may ask? Here. Have a dyno and try to close your mouth.

...Aaaaannnd some racing! (this is really nice)