The Hero by Jam Project

aka, the theme song for One Punch Man. Also, it’s either the original version (with the opening a shorten version) or a extended version of the opening. Not sure which came first. It’s....different.


Personally, I like the OPM version better; it’s short, sweet, gets to the point, and has epic visuals to accompany it. This official music video is definitely longer, but that doesn’t make it better (my opinion). I just wanted to share it.

I’m listening to it via headphones, but it might be a different recording/mix from the OPM theme. It seems like there is more happening with the bass. Further investigation on my behalf is needed.


Also, from what I can tell, Jam Project seems to be a super music group full of various singers, well known in the industry. Over there at least. Which is cool, but I really wanted them to play the guitars and whatnot, rocking out to the song.

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