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The high cost of crappy work

I am very sad. My car is dying. bleeding internally. I can stop it but I don’t know if I can justify the cost. its lived a long and eventful life. I’m having a moral crisis.

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I’ve got a coolant leak in a place not easy to get to, it basically means taking the head off...again. I had this done when I first bought the car because they are notorious for failure and true enough mine was on its way out. Well the shop I went As in of all the work I had them perform (a lot) I’ve had to redo most if not all of it. What they didn’t do when they took the head off was take off the timing cover and reseal it, or do the timing chain. This despite asking for them doing anything now that I would have a hard time getting at later. well the timing cover seals are toast and leaking oil and there is a coolant passage behind it thats also toast. So its leaking coolant and oil.

Bottom left, thats the main coolant inlet from the pump. Thats where Im leaking.
Bottom left, thats the main coolant inlet from the pump. Thats where Im leaking.

So here I am at 300,000 miles, with brand new shocks, tires, and driveshafts and a potential $2500+ head job to get at a couple of dollars worth of seals and o-rings that will eventually fail completely. It needs new seats, the steering needs fixing (not sure whats going on but its REALLY sloppy lately). and there is still an unresolved thunk and vibration at slow speeds.

Weighing my options. I would love to be able to save my pennies and do this myself but its my daily and I don’t have the time or skills I need to do it in a timely fashion. If I had a skilled friend or 2 I would take a few days off work and go for it, but I don’t.

In the meantime I am spending most of my time being sad realizing that the smart thing is to move on.

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