The view from the Oasis’s parking garage.

Hello! This is my first post on Oppo since I’ve recently gained authorship, and thought that my first post would be a nice collection of photos from last sunday’s CnC. It was packed, and probably the biggest I’ve seen yet. Enjoy!

First up is this gorgeous BMW Z8. Definitely one of the better cars that day.

How to do retro styling right.
Even the interior gives me warm feels inside.


This is the Riley Elf. Basically a Mini with a trunk. It’s adorable and I love it.


This Dino GT showed up as well. No idea if it was a kit car or not. Possibly was. It looked nice though.

The first non-quadrifoglio Giula here in Austin! As far as I know, at least.

This particular car had a hood and trunk that opened sideways!


This was the Hydraulic Crew. At least 5 of these guys (and gals) came to the meet shakin’ and bumpin’. They were pretty fun.

It’s hard to take a picture of your car when you’re standing there.

This was the Fiat 500 Madness crew. All of them had heavy modifications. The only thing I didn’t like was how the 500 on the right had a roll cage, but the guy hadn’t even bothered to remove the back seat. Why?


Of course this guy owns a challenger.
This is actually for sale. The number is 512-426-8366

This was probably the funniest car there. It’s a Porsche 911... with a chevy V8. Can’t say it isn’t unique. It’s also for sale. If you end up buying it, please post about it.


I love me some Alpine.

There was also an Alpine that showed up. All original and kept in very nice condition!


 I want it.

Check out those blinkers!

This was probably my second favorite car at the show. A Citroen DS. All these supercars and someone just brings out a DS. I love it. I want it.


I need it.

Mmmm. Wagon.


This CTS-V wagon was pretty cool. I would buy one, but these things hold their value very well.

The RF looks amazing in red.

This Miata RF showed up as well. They definitely nailed it with the hardtop, I love it.


Waiting silently for prey.

This was pretty cool. This is a Mustang GT with a 900 HP motor IIRC. Does it need that huge bug catcher? No, not really. But it does look hella rad.

The king of snap oversteer.


This is a rather clean MR2; I always appreciate a stock(-ish) car.

This was sitting all alone on the top of the parking garage. Glad I snapped it.

The first 2017 Chevy Camaro 1LE I’ve seen here in Austin. I would definitely like to test drive the V6 version.


Sitting all alone towards the back.

There was also this VW Minibus sitting towards the back of the show. Shame really. It never got the attention it deserved.

And now for my favorite car of the show...

I like it, okay? Don’t judge me.


This completely stock Fiat 500 Abarth. I really want this as a daily, so I had to take a picture of this stock one all alone on top of the parking garage.

Is it really a clown car if it has a Hemi V8?

That’s all I got for this show. To finish it off I took this nice panorama. Thanks for reading my post! I hope you liked it.