Driving uphill at five miles per hour had me worried, the little EJ-Boxer screaming at 3500 rpm and I’m going nowhere. This is when I started to worry and regret my $150 purchase. As soon as the terrain leveled out my little Subie catches a gear and flies off.

Yes, I just bought a Subaru Legacy for $150. Yes, this Subaru has 250k on it. The best part is I’m only using it for my remaining time here in Washington state.

As soon as I limped it home I put it on ramps and found the cause for the slippage in the Transmission. There was no fluid and it was all coming out from a line in the new Radiator. I tightened some things up poured some Lucas and fluid and drove off to buy a windshield wiper in the rain.

I can drive it uphill now, this weekend I’ll pull it aside and really get my hands dirty, but for now I’m just going to enjoy my first JDM. A 1995 Subaru Legacy L wagon.