I grew up several decades ago in suburban Atlanta, in Cobb County near the Chattahoochee River. Near my neighborhood, there was a wooded area that has since been split up into lots where McMansions are now situated. But back then, it was just a semi-mysterious piece of forest.

There were legends that once upon a time, there had been a racetrack there. When it snowed โ€” as it did at least once or twice per winter โ€” people said you could dig and find old car parts from when the racetrack existed. I never really understood what snow had to do with anything, and I never ventured into the woods to dig for old car parts. As a kid, I didn't question the legend. But as I got older, I wondered if it was just an old wives' tale.

I guess it was the snow today on the East Coast that brought back those memories. Then, it hit me: the internet knows all. Surely, if there ever was a Vinings Racetrack, there would be evidence of it somewhere on these interwebs.

I quickly found two sources confirming that yes, it truly existed. The first is somebody's tumblr on North Georgia history, which featured the stunningly badass photo below.

The second source was a text hit on Google Books, which included this:

...the Robinsons helped start a race track across Paces Ferry, which had a 1/4 mile banked oval with stands, but didn't last long. Cars kept crashing into the stands threatening to kill somebody, sufficiently to have the Randall's [sic] disassemble the wooden stands that had contributed, and take them away, and the track demised.


At this point, I'm kind of excited. The legends were true!

Next stop: the awesome historicaerials.com. (If you weren't previously familiar with that great resource, I apologize for the productivity loss you're about to experience.) And here it is, from a 1938 aerial photo:


I <3 the internet.