The dentist showed me a nasty picture of my fucked up tooth. I go back tomorrow afternoon for a crown, and possibly a root canal. If I am going to buy my wife a car before I leave for Monterey, it looks like today is the day.

I saw this RX-8 at the dentist. It was actually in poor shape; these were the most flattering pics I could get.

Mine was a lot like this. I had the rotary accent body kit, and all the extra fairings. But my rear air dam was black - this is aftermarket.

I daily drove that RX-8, including a lot of road miles as I built my practice. We went to places in California most have never heard of. El Nido, Denair, Earlimart, Huron, El Centro, Escalon, Orland. Dirt roads, mountain roads, farm roads.


I have never driven a car that handled as well - it was amazing. I understand why people love Wankels. You have to drive differently, with no torque but a redline you chase endlessly. I loved it so much that I replaced that fucking Wankel when my baby started spewing white smoke at 120,000 miles.

Then little things started breaking, and my wife started glaring at the car. Then a rough start and a cloud of white smoke had her giving me THAT look, and my RX-8 was traded in, dying engine and all, on a new Infiniti G37S Coupe.  

So Mazda is now a dirty word in my house, but I always smile when I see these. The nose on this one was a mess, and made me so sad that I could not even take a photo.