So, every day, on my way home from work, I come to a busy intersection. This particular intersection has three lanes at the light which, south of the intersection, merge into two and then one lane as the road curves up and around a fairly steep hill. (There is a left turn lane and a right turn lane beside these three lanes.)

10-20 cars always stack up in the left-most lane. 5-10 cars line up in the middle lane (where I usually end up), but occasionally, like today, there was no car in the right lane and I took it.

With 400+ horses at my beck and call, it was easy for me to get off the line ahead of the other two cars next to me, and to put several car lengths between my car and the others before the lanes merged. I whipped up the hill to enjoy a few turns of empty tarmac before re-joining more traffic a mile down the road (today I was fortunate enough to also catch a stale green light at the next intersection). I impeded no one's progress, but I did go ahead of many other cars that I would have been behind if I hadn't take the spot in the right lane.

So, what's your take on the holeshot?

Is this a completely legitimate use of automotive superiority over the beige masses? Or am I a jerk for not queueing up like the other sheeple?