The Holy Grail

Story time. Was driving home from the bike shop today. I was picking up accessories for the new bike. Anyways I’m about a mile from my house and I see an open garage door and inside is a highly modified import car with a massive (no really its MASSIVE) spoiler. It was bright yellow and right hand drive. Naturally my interest was piqued so I pulled into the drive. I begin talking to the man in the garage. Turns out its Nissan 240SX drift car with a 62mm turbo pushing 15 lbs of boost. As impressive as that is thats not the impressive thing here. Conversation continues along the line of cars, drifting, and the second 240SX sitting in pieces in the garage. Apparently there is a local group running auto cross within 30 miles of my place, exciting news.

On to the important bit. I notice a dust covered car sitting in the corner of the garage. My eyes went wide. A genuine, nearly stock, RHD Toyota AE86. First time Ive ever seen one. Was pretty cool experience all together. Unfortunately no photos.


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