Is finally mine! Muahahah bow down to your 128 hp overlord! Seriously though, this is one of the four items that I’ve lusted over for years (currently at 2/4). Availability has been almost nonexistent, with a few popping into the shop at 949 racing every year or so. I was actually looking for wheels, but saw the “in Stock” icon and knew I couldn’t pass it up.

Full exhaust from the engine back, headers and everything, will get a na8 about 10-15hp at best... But I’ve known from the start there’s really no realistic way to get much extra power without forced induction. Adding lightness, and improving looks/sound is the main goal until eventual turbo. The supermiata guys can explain better than I can...

17lbs! Stock catback is around 30

Including a picture of the hollow hangers because of how “simplify and add lightness” it is. Pretty cool.

Those grams add up

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