That's right, Welsh motorsport has a home. The self proclaimed 'home of Welsh motorsport' is Pembrey circuit. It tends not to attract so many entries as it is far off the beaten track and rains a lot, but as everybody says it is worth the visit. But I would say that wouldn't I, taking part in any race is awesome.

When racing you get used to early mornings, but this one was especially early. Naturally, that meant we got there late and ended up getting everything ready in a panic. Scrutineering took ages, which meant I nearly missed the drivers briefing and ended up getting a bollocking from the clerk of the course. Then the scrutineer told us to fix a bunch of things that were never highlighted at the previous round. So that kept us busy all the way up until qualifying.

My team mate taking the mantra 'drive it like you stole it' to a new level by dressing the part too.


It hadn't rained yet, which it would do later in the day causing chaos in some of the races. Fortunately, the circuit dried up for ours. Before entering the track, the cars are sound tested to make sure they aren't producing too much noise. The exhaust manifold failed towards the end of the day, but luckily it was in the race and not after qualifying. It didn't stop the last lap of the race being our fastest though! Usually our car is by far the quietest race car your ever likely to hear.


The main mission accomplished (not crashing at the furthest track away from home), and even getting 8th overall made us very happy on the long trip home.

Roll on this Sunday. Whilst your all watching the British GP spare a thought for us. At the same time we'll be racing on the Donnington Park GP circuit, yes that one.


Anyway, if you don't know Pembrey, let me allow one of the most underrated UK racing drivers take us around, Michael Epps.