The weather hss been amazing, but it is time to pay the piper. I actually like the heat, but the farther it gets over 100, the more it tests my limits, and 108 is really fucking hot.

The saving grace is that 100s in the day still drops to 70s at night, and no humidity. Our first summer heat wave also marks the last mosquito we will see for the year.

But not good for my open air vehicles. I tease you cold weather folks, but the Sunchaser’s black plastic interior is not fun at 108, and the wind on the Vespa feels like a hair dryer.

I need to work on the pool, which is a mess from a storm (not supposed to happen) lasr week. But work is busy, and time is tighr.


Still, I would rather have our heat than live in the soul-sucking cold of Vermont again. Fuvk snow forever. I can drive to it in less than an hour, and get out when I have had enough