The hood scoop is now a permanent addition to the jag

About two weeks ago I bonded the hood scoop to the underside of the hood using the highest quality panel bonding adhesive known to man. (totally wasn’t heavy duty liquid nails.)


Of course this left an unsightly gap at the topside of the hood. My original plan was to use a seam sealer and then smear/sand it smooth, but having never used seam sealer before and the gap being a bit bigger than I planned. I wasn’t too confident in my abilities to do it to the level I wanted it to be so introducing plan B.

Fiberglass body filler, which is basically regular bodyfiller that never skipped arm day, this stuff will bond to any surface imaginable and has been used on hoodscoops since hood scoops and cut-off wheels existed in harmony.


After spending an ungodly amount of time feathering out the stupidly hard paint on the hood I was finally able to spread it around, having used this exact same product before I knew exactly what to do with it but I still ended up making a mess of it. Probably has something to do with the fact that the last time I used it was over two years ago and I pretty much forgot everything I learned. :)


Fiberglass filler is interesting to sand because you make a lot of dust and not a lot of progress compared to normal fillers, but it’s still leagues ahead of long strand fiberglass fillers which you basically need robotic arms and a lot of 40 grit paper to sand comfortably. You also may notice that it’s not perfectly smooth around the edges. That’s because it doesn’t really need to be since you have to sand fiberglass fillers with such a low grit paper (40-80 grit) you have to put a finishing glaze or regular body filler over it because if you tried to prime over it you’d end up with a bunch of sand scratches in the finish.

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