The Hoonigan Mustang Rises Again! For the 2nd Time!

She was pulling a P1233, fuel pump driver module offline. I was worried I'd need to replace a $130 part since the fuse looked alright. Distraught over not bringing my voltometer with me I went back to the inertia switch on a whim and a hope, forced a trip and reset it and bam she starts right up!. I'm wondering if maybe this safety part has gone bad

Not my pic, but same problematic part. I'm thinking of bypassing it for the short term, since on mine it's just two wires and a switch (yes, not the safest method I know)


PS I think I'll buy a spare voltometer/ohmmeter just for this very issue.

PPS Or maybe I should just buy an old carb beetle, drive around with 2 or 3 fuses like that rally beetle

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