Picked up two supposedly good running AMC 2.5's today. The one came out of the seller’s ‘92 YJ during a 350 swap, and the other was his spare engine. One of them will address this problem:


And I guess the other is... Well more horde really. They’re currently weighing down the back of my other Comanche, which currently I guess is just a self-propelled shed, given it’s neither licensed nor insured. Yay rust... But it still starts and runs good, even sitting since August, on gas that’s at least 16 months old.

Admittedly it was pretty warm out today, above -5°C, so I really didn’t expect problems with it. Now I just need it to quit snowing for long enough some weekend that I can clear out enough space to be able to wheel my engine crane around.

And again, before people start ripping on me for keeping the 2.5, I’ve got a full 4.0 swap sitting in the shed with the choice of either an ax15 or aw4 if I’d wanted a 4.0 which I don’t, and I’m not interested in any other engine swaps, either. This 4-banger 2wd ‘91 MJ is staying stock. Those tragic wheels will be going away soon, too. I’ve already got the other ‘91 MJ to build, and this is just supposed to be a cheap little errand runner while that's happening. 

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