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The hottest hot hatch I have ever driven!

I wonder how many times I have stated “I love this hobby”. I am just going to state it again... I love this hobby!

I don’t actively go after people to review their cars. I can’t bank on YouTube stardom like other automotive YouTubers and it just makes me feel awkward. I’ll let people know that I would if they offered but I keep it at that.


Enter Sherwin. Owner of an awesome 2017 Golf R with a mod list longer than many elementary school books. He contacted me a few months ago to see if I was interested, and naturally I was. It is only the hottest hatch I could dream of getting my hands on. All wheel drive, APR Stage 2 tuned and a bunch of attitude. As a car reviewer this is about as good as it gets in the hot hatch world!

Verdict? The video speaks for itself. But I loved it and would if I could.

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