The Huawei P20 has made phone notches a non-issue

Like many people, when the iPhone X was introduced, my reaction was, GET THAT NOTCH THE FUCK OUT OF THE SCREEN, A LITTLE TOP BEZEL WOULD BE WAY BETTER THAN THIS BUCKTOOTH-ASS BULLSHIT. Well, here comes Huawei to soothe my itchy OCD.

The Huawei P20 series phones have a notch. It’s not as big as the iPhone X, because there’s no extra Face ID hardware, only an earpiece and selfie camera. But Huawei included a super simple and yet amazingly brilliant software tweak that TOTALLY REDEEMS THE NOTCH.

Huawei’s notch de-notchification technique is way simple and yet makes complete sense. You can, if you want, turn the status bar at the top of the screen black so the notch blends in with it.


You still have your clock, battery, and other assorted status icons at the top of the screen, but the notch disappears into the black status bar. At least it does on the OLED screen of the P20 Pro, and maybe slightly less so on the LCD screen of the regular P20. But still. I completely approve of this notch tweak. Hopefully all the other Android phone makers steal it.

Huzzah to you, Huawei!

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