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The Hunt For A Decent Luggage System Part One

To be honest, I never thought I'd say this but I miss the Burgman and it's underseat trunk. Going around town with a backpack that could only hold a laptop (well, a leather suitcase containing a laptop, a PSVita, a 3DS and quite a lot of adapters with blocks) isn't what I call fun. So what did I do?

I looked up GIVI, and began my hunt for the decent luggage system.

(Full Disclosure: A Honda salesman spent time talking with me on the CB919's options for storage ranging from Givi, Shad [why?], Bags-Connection and so on. He even gave me cookies and a test ride on a CB1000R. My mistake number 1, but that'll be for a separate post.)


1) Givi Monokey Series (52l topbox and 41l side bags)

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If you're going to have a road trip that's 2 or more hours away from your own home, you might think that you'll be carrying quite a lot of stuff.

... Well, you might be. Sport touring can be a fun thing unless your only cargo space is a Swiss Gear bag with only your clothes, and that's not even waterproof.


Anywhoo, I had the chance to see the Monokey cases for myself at a BMW dealership (the same place where I bought my 919) and found that the Keyless side bags come not with a key lock (hence keyless) but a multiple-dial combination lock. It only opens a certain part of the case - for easy access, of course (see the blue part on the side cases?)

And thanks to the way the racks are installed, they aren't in the way of the exhaust canisters (I'm looking at you, BMW) but my only gripe is the fact that you may have to relocate the signals. Wheee.


And the cost for the system? The sidecases are $575 (priced from GIVI themselves) a pair, while the 52 liter top case with the stop light is quoted at $359 (again, from GIVI). The mounting rack for the side cases are $160 (from TwistedThrottle) and the rack for the top case? $144. Add that together and you're well in the thousands. Still, it's better than having a backpack as a liability, no?

Part two to come later.

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