Not to be a party Scoober but I wanted to throw out that the Santa Cruz won’t be a small crossover truckster. It probably won’t even be built on a crossover platform. Australia, South Africa, the US, and pretty much the entire world all demand a “real” truck. All signs have been pointing to Hyundai building a midsize truck that can compete with the Tacoma, Frontier, Colorado, Canyon, Ranger, Wrangler P/U, and of course all the trucks overseas.

Hyundai is not about to enter the truck market with an open cargo CUV. Come on now, you really think Hyundai...HYUNDAI can get away with introducing a truck that looks like a toddler trying to squat with all these powerlifters? I mean image is everything! It’s bad enough it will have to be a Hyundai in the most macho, image driven, brand loyal automotive segment on the planet. You’d sell more Bed-Wetter Edition Wranglers in a week than a wittle Hyundai picky-up for 40 year olds still waiting for their testes to descend.


You know it’s a bad idea if even I’m making fun of it.

More than likely we will have something that shares platforms with the upcoming Kia Telluride SUV which will likely replace the Kia Mohave (which we in the US knew as the Borrego for a year). This midsize pickup truck will use some styling cues from the Santa Cruz Concept but probably won’t even be called that.

I think the goal is to get the Xcient (pictured above) into the US market first, see how this upcoming midsize pickup truck does everywhere EXCEPT the United States, then possibly consider either importing the truck into the US halfway through its life cycle (if the taxes are eased or lifted), or assembling it in Alabama or Georgia alongside some other utilities. Either way we are talking about building maybe 10,000-18,000 trucks in the US to be sold across the entirety of the North American market. Small potato chips.


But hey, who knows what the future holds since it’s all about timing and visibility. I’m just trying to be reasonable over here. Can you imagine Hyundai taking over as the Official Truck of the NFL and rolling out a Tucson its but hanging out? Insult! Heck, Tom Brady didn’t even want a free Chevy Colorado!

Don’t let Kanye be right!!

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