Recently, my wife and I were test driving a Ford C-Max. And ever since, I’ve been thinking. Why don’t they put the electric motor in the rear wheels, thereby making the thing AWD?

Thanks to BMW Blog for image. And yes, now that I look at this, it doesn’t look more simple...

Why don’t more auto makers do what happens in the I8, where the gas engine drives one set of wheels and the electric engine drives the other set? To my feeble mind, it seems like it would be easier to separate out the two systems and then you can advertise all-weather capability of your AWD. But I really don’t know much about this, so I’m guessing there is an obvious answer.


The Kia niro release had a lot of hedging in the press release about how they kind of wanted it to be AWD but the packaging didn’t work.

What am I missing?

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