Cheap gas! Why do alot of Americans do this? "I miss my last Suburban that I sold when gas was expensive at massive depreciation to get into a Prius. Well we don't have expensive gas again, so I am going to buy another Suburban (for my family of 3)!". Why don't you put the fuel savings into the bank so you don't have to trade in your upside down suburban in 3 years when all of a sudden gas is up near $4 a gallon and soak all that depreciation into your next loan, on another Prius. Trust me, alot of dealers and banks are laughing their asses off at your expense. The only way for America to be free and keep almost half the nations wealth flowing and not in the hands of a select few, is to get out of debt. And your car being the average mans second largest piece of debt is a damn fine place to start.


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