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The Impact of the C8 on My Car Communities

I’d like to talk just a few moments about its impact in the car communities I am part of (present company excluded, as you know what you’ve done, Oppo)

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1. The NSX FB groups are up in a tizzy arguing about its validity compared to a NA1 or NA2 for equivalent pricing. They are split pretty much half and half about why anyone would buy a NA1 now, or if the NSX badge (classic collectible syndrome) will keep high prices afloat.

2. The Supra/Toyota/Lexus groups are essentially in denial, with some arguing that the Supra started showing up in dealers today to almost minimal fanfare while everything post is still mid-engine-LT2. They’re not as heavily divided, but differing opinions are heavily varied. The price point is really making a lot of them think.


3. The C7 corvette groups I’m part of have completely gone apeshit. Everyone is either arguing about the anticipated falling of C7 prices or how they just wanted a manual or how mid engine isn’t a Corvette or bringing up the dreaded Camaro butt.

These are the only car groups I’m really part of. Like it or hate it, the C8 has managed to take even completely non-related car groups and literally have them focused on this one topic. Even if the car winds up being a dud on the road or track or explodes every 2 hours when it comes out, you can not deny the huge impact the car has had on the automotive scene.


I just have to pretend I haven’t seen it until the Z06 version comes out. I love it in that Rapid Blue. 

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