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Time to choose a date for the Oppo Rally!

The various stage rally organizations have finally(!) released their 2017 schedules, so I know what weekends I won’t be available to host the Oppo Road Rally, which means we can now pick a date!


For those who missed the original announcement, the Oppo Tour de Connecticut Road Rally will be a single day, 200+ mile event across Connecticut, starting in Greenwich, CT (the southwest corner of the state) and ending in Douglas, MA (just past the northeast corner of the state).

Competitors will be initially scored at the start line based on their vehicle (using a points system conceptually based on the fabled Jalopmeter, exact scoring to be announced later), themes/costumes, and distance traveled to participate. Additional points can be earned along the route by hitting various checkpoints, making impressive roadside repairs, helping other competitors with their own roadside repairs, and various other noteworthy feats (SR20 rule applies to any pointsworthy events in the field).

This is not a speed-based event. Being first to the finish line not only won’t make you the winner, but it will almost certainly mean you’ll have one of the lowest scores. Cars/teams can have a minimum of one person and a maximum of however many working seatbelts the car has. Any vehicle is eligible so long as it’s registered and insured. Bikes, trikes, sidecars, sports cars, limousines, busses, box trucks, duck boats, and 18 wheelers are welcome (and encouraged). Busses are exempt from the seatbelt mandate (why don’t busses have seat belts anyways?).

If any of the people interested want to get on the mailing list early, leave your email in the comments or send me a message at Also, feel free to spread the word to those outside of Oppo. All are welcome to participate.


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