The increasing economics of the Factory Five GTM

Talking with my non car friend about cheap options, I remembered how cheap corvette C5s are getting, which are beginning to creep past $15k. Thinking to myself: Boy, if only they weren’t so bland in their styling. If only there was a kit car or something based on the C5. And I forgot, there is!

So despite the ugly logo FF continues to insist on using (it really reminds me of a logo for a 90s toy, something that would be slapped on an R/C car that can only turn in one direction) the car is pretty handsome, and price competitive. The kit itself starts at 24,000, but optioned up it stands closer to 30,000. now that does include AC and a carbon fiber wing. Add to that, we still need the engine and suspension from a C5, + a transaxle. However... the GTM doesn’t utilize the corvette’s body. Lets see what copart has to offer!


Something like this low mileage zo6, or any other car that’s unrepairable, likely can be had for south of $5,000, plus anything you can make from selling parts and scrap. Now new transaxles are steep, upwards of 6,000 dollars. However, that still puts a built GTM at around $40,000. It’s not even as if the LS1 would need that much freshening: FF claims that a 400 horsepower block can achieve 0-60 times in the 3.2 second range.

In other words, I’m thinking about it folks. Pending a career obviously.

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