The inevitable has come: crossover

The girlfriend currently has a company 2014 Equinox with gas card (work and personal gas) but will be taking a job elsewhere that provides a $800/month vehicle allowance. She’s never had to buy a vehicle, she’s always had a company car.

-$100/month insurance

-$250/month gas

-$25/month avg maintenance

Leaves $425 balance before we’re out of pocket

Canadian, so for ease let’s say $330usd. Which isn’t much.

She drives around 500km per week

1. Value option: get a 2 year old CUV with good options and low mileage. Equinox, CX5, Tucson, etc


2. She wants to lease, but lease rates and mileage penalty doesn’t work in our favour. She wants lease so she isn’t locked into a vehicle long term, but I told her she can always trade in a purchased vehicle later and if we buy used not just burn off the depreciation.

3. I think she should cough up the balance and get an XC40!

4. She gets a new entry level list above. Equinox, cx5, Tucson, etc

5. She’s not a fan of Audi, BMW, Merc because she thinks it’s badge snobbery. And would rather have the XC40 if we opt for that price range.


Looking for compact CUV, AWD, something quicker than her current Equinox which is the 2.4L 0-60 of 9sec.

She makes 6 figures and I own the house so budget isnt as big of a sicky point. She’s just ultra cheap on practical spending, but will drop $800 on a purse.

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