The Infiniti QX80, a.k.a. the only way to buy a Nissan Patrol in the US until the Nissan Armada switched to also being a Patrol, started out with ridiculously ugly, bulbous front styling. The QX80 has been refreshed for 2018, and now it’s less terrible looking. Yay?

When the QX80 first arrived in the US for the 2011 model year, it was called the QX56. It was particularly reminiscent of a beluga whale.

Infiniti reshuffled their product naming scheme for 2014 and dropped the numeric suffixes that represented engine displacement, so the QX56 became the QX80. It got a new crosshatch pattern for its grille and a bit blockier front bumper and lights, to look a little less like a beluga whale.


And now we have the new 2018 facelift, which has a reshaped hood, fascia/fenders, and even squintier lights. It’s a tad less bulbous, but viewed from straight on, I can’t say it’s exactly attractive.

Unless you absolutely must have the Infiniti badge and whatever few small features are exclusive to it, probably best to just stick with the Armada.