The Inflatable Wonder swims with dolphins

Last day in the dinghy for the season, and a beautiful one. 63 and sunny on the Chesapeake in Virginia Beach. Looking back on the summer, I think I’ve confirmed that this is the most fun you can possibly have for $600. I think the dog agrees.


And the best part is I didn’t buy a single gallon of gas! For anybody that hasn’t seen the other posts, it’s powered by a big brushless motor stuffed into the body of a small outboard and a 48v battery pack. The outboard is the type of wizardry you can only find on alibaba (or at least for $300) and I was a total guinea pig since there is not a single English review of this motor anywhere.

I mostly used it on rivers and small lakes all season and this was the toughest test I’ve put it through. Covered miles of coastline and chased a pack of dolphins for 45 minutes and came back to shore with voltage to spare.


In conclusion, $600 for a dinghy that fits in your car trunk and allows you to swim with dolphins is a NICE PRICE!!

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