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The Integra lives!!!(kinda long post)

So earlier today me and my friends all met at the house for one last wrenching session in the decade, but as it got dark we had to start heading home. We managed to get a lot done and installed the radiator and injectors, spark plugs, shift linkage and more, though. We got home and I continued with my new year’s Eve preparation when the group chat started ringing with a video call from the friend whose house it’s at, and we all answer to see my friend screaming and shaking his camera unintelligibly. Once we got him to calm down, he yelled “OK SO ME AND (another friend) DECIDED TO JUMP ON IT AND WATCH THIS!!!” He gave said friend the camera, jumped into the Teggy, and with one crank it turned over fucking BEAUTIFULLY. Sounded so smooth minus the lack of headers and exhaust manifold and cat— so yeah it sounded like a weed whacker of sorts, but nothing that sounded really bad (relatively speaking). The shit shot flames too, which technically is not good but in the moment was cool. Anyways, us dipshits managed to get it to crank and run before the end of the year and I’m less than a month, too. Up next is getting it to run and drive properly and then cleaning things up a bit with some paint and whatnot (the black paint is faded like it spent all 24 years of its life in the fiery pits of hell). Anyways, this is a bigly yuge step in our project’s progress, and I can’t wait for what this next decade will bring with the project and we’ll, everything. Oh yeah, and happy new year’s guys.


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