The Internet is a Cruel Mistress

[sort of politics, but really, this kind of thing could happen to anyone... right?]

Buffer image just because rules.


So now when you google ‘idiot’ and go to images, this is what you get (I did go to a private window to confirm it wasn’t skewed by being signed in):

Then Google CEO Sundar Pichai was called upon - by Congress, no less - to explain it, and he says more or less “well, this is just how our algorithm works...we don’t manually intervene in search results...” and now there are tons of articles all over the web drawing attention to the phenomenon and covering his testimony while also increasing the combination of this term and these images AND causing people to try it themselves, all increasing the likelihood of these images showing up in said results... it’s all a self-fulfilling, slippery-slope kind of thing. Tee hee.

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