I was a weird kid. I had friends in high school, but I got to the point where I realized that, good fucking god, are these people stupid? What does any of this matter?

I’m primarily talking about the ridiculous manufactured drama that came from simply being in high school. You know, the whole “A is dating B, and I hate B so now I hate A and their friends, even though I was best friends since 4th grade with C and D, who are friends with A” style of bullshit. Even worse is the “person is a faggot” that was seemingly ever present. Our school’s quarterback had a bit of a breakdown late in our senior year. You can’t really blame him, with all of the pressures that came from doing well in post-secondary life. With this, though, came the rumor that he was a “faggot”, trying to escape his problems.

I digress.

We’re at the point where the internet has made it to high school. For those of us who remember the nascent years of AOL chatrooms, Napster, or even as far back as the good old BBS systems, we remember the infancy as a place where you could throw a tantrum or two, scream and cry over trivial things, or just play with your toys (admittedly, said toys were low graphics but probably still more fun than any of the current toys out there).

The internet has progressed to the point, now, where all we have is manufactured bullshit. This is especially true when there are two cliques who don’t like each other, and have the pulpit from which to lob their missiles at each other. You can see it from a mile away, though, that there are going to be people who become collateral damage to fights that they have no personal interest in, only being speciously aligned to one or another side.

So where is it that we go as an internet? Do we allow the high school brains among us to continue ruining peoples’ lives because they made a stupid slip on twitter, or because they want to see a site behave in a more ethical manner, or because we just want everyone to have an internet open and available to all, without fear of retribution for who they are. An even tougher question is, do we even care?