When I was a young lad in the 70s my dad took me to the British Motor Show most years. He bought a new car every other year so we went along to see what shiny new metal was on offer.

Nowadays there's just no point going. The internet leaks everything - aided by the manufacturers. I experienced something similar when I got a call out of the blue prior to Red Bull F1 announcing the appointment of Ricciardo for 2014 . I had my story written and pressed 'publish' the second it was actually announced.


My dad bought a new Jaguar or Mercedes based on what he saw at the motor show. In the internet era we choose our cars very differently.

Aidan Taylor takes a look at the phenomena of internet leaking and suggests we might be leaking too much.

Incidentally, I used the Nanuk image because that's the only car that wasn't leaked prior to Frankfurt.

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