The Internet Sucks - And It's On Purpose

I remember back in the day, one could go on the internet to learn about whatever they wanted, and escape the idiocy of conventional politics.

No longer.

Nearly every site I go to now has become a comment section on Donald Trump, and I’m fucking exhausted with it. I have no interest in the idiotic GOP vs DNC debate that is largely US politics. Most people seemingly have no clue how to properly analyze the complex system that is our country, and so we must constantly give in to this bullshit, binary identity politics circus every year. And it’s getting worse.


My views would be considered extreme, at best, in most generally popular internet comment sections. Of course, that’s assuming I go to any website to spend my day arguing about politics with people who think the Democrats and the Republicans are the only two groups that matter in the entire universe. I don’t. And never will. However, it’s annoying that this is about all we have now.

The rather depressing part of this whole tragedy is that it’s seemingly done on purpose by bloggers & site managers/editors/writers that have decided they need to make a political point with every line they approve or write. And it’s ruining the internet. Every single space is now dominated by 60 IQ-level political hacheting, including this site. And it’s getting worse almost by the month. Seems to show no sign of stopping either.

Oppo seems fine, because we make our own content, and shocker, we are here for the cars, not for any of the other bullshit topics that we are told matter. And that’s what I wish the whole site was like. I rather miss that.

Here’s to keeping Oppo (mostly) sane and free of the political soapboxing.

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