The Italian Rozzers Have A New Car, But It's Not A Lambo

It's a Peugeot ! A 508 RXH to be precise, which is the 4WD diesel-hybrid version of Peugeot's 3 series-sized sedan, complete which jacked-up estate bodywork à la Audi Allroad. It makes 200 horsepower from its diesel-electric powertrain, good for a 132mph top speed and a sub-9 seconds 0 to 60 time.


The Polizia were given the cars by Peugeot's Italian arm, and they're apparently the agency's very first hybrid cars. Always the Peugeot fan, I'm delighted to see the 508 RXH enjoy some success, although I'm not too sure why the Italian police chose it. Then again, I suppose a spacious estate with decent power, 4WD and an economical powertrain capable of silent city driving is always a good thing. And the light blue livery looks amazing on the already pretty estate.

See more pictures at BlogAutomobile.

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