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The Jaaaaag Started

I took 0 pictures so here is a dog.
I took 0 pictures so here is a dog.

The parking brake doesn’t work yet. I need to pull the battery so it “forgets” its calibration and recalibrates.


The cooling system is empty because I don’t have any distilled water. Also apparently I’m going to have to do a lot of dicking around to get it because everywhere I’ve checked has limits on how much water you can buy. Apparently there is some pandemic or something?

New intake was a bit of a pain to get on, but it is on.

Spark plugs looked varying shades of gross. Two had oil ingress from the valve cover gasket, but I’m not dealing with it now.


Brake pedal went to the floor for... some reason. The calipers aren’t leaking, so my guess it is them filling/re-extending. This is my first ever 4-corner brake job so... don’t really know what to expect there.

Overall: GREAT SUCCESS. It doesn’t feel like one because I’m tired, but I’ll be happy tomorrow once I get some coolant and water and sleep.

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