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The Jag decided to reward me by being a poop

Right so. Spent a lot of time... and sweat... and blood on fixing the Jag’s dome light, of all things. So I took it out to pick up an order.


Then I hit a bump.

And the nav cut out.

And the radio.

And the climate control.

Basically everything in the center stack went boop.

Because of course it did.

Needy Jag is needy.
Needy Jag is needy.
Photo: Akio

Ok.... so... first guess is my previous repair failed, the optical repeater in the CD changer failed and took the optical network down.


Time to make a fiber bypass loop!

I grabbed the old optical harness (I’d replaced it previously in an attempt to solve this problem), disassembled it, and make a loop such that I could unplug the CD changer but keep the optical network going.


Unfortunately the CD changer’s everything isn’t accessible with the unit in the car, so I had to, yet again, unbolt the rear stack. I unplug the changer, plug in the optical loop, annnnnnnnd...


Ok fuck you too.

So I check the optical connection coming out of the head unit aaaaaand... no. No light. No signal. No joy.


FUSES! Lets check fuses.

F18? - Radio head unit, touchscreen/display unit - All good.

F28? - Remote audio power amplifier - Nope. Looks great.

F20? - Logic supply to instrument cluster, climate control system, front electronic module, rear electronic module - Nah, looks perfect.


Ok. All(ish) the changer and head unit fuses were good.


The only clues I had was that the climate LCD was displaying the error codes C0, 50, and 51.



Ok apparently that means the head unit can’t communicate with the NAV in the trunk. I didn’t even think to check the nav unit so....


Check all the connections and they’re fine.

How about fuses associated with the nav?

F29 - Telephone, CD autochanger, Navigation, Voice, VICS (Japan only)




Ok... so... current working theory is the repair I made on the CD Changer failed, shorted to the case, and... here we are.


Or it is a Jag and this is just a thing that it does.

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