The Jaguar XE SV Project 8 is the Most Insane Sedan Ever Built, Get Hyped!!!

This car is an absolute bombshell! Jaguar just confirmed production of something even crazier than a Hellcat when it comes to being overpowered and we are acting like this is just any old factory 600 hp 3-Series Fighter. I gave you all a heads up on what to expect from the Future Performance of Compact Sports Sedans.

Yes this will be limited to 300 examples and even if it had unlimited production numbers it would still be well over $100,000 for a Jag most people experience as a dealership loaner. But this is confirmation that the sports sedan market is transforming into the sportscar market. In fact, the sports sedan market is surpassing the sports coupe market.


Remember how excited we were about the Giulia QV breaking the 500 hp mark? Have you heard any word about a coupe? There’s a 640 hp CTS-V, have you heard anything about a coupe? Here is a 592 hp baby Jaguar that previews a 510 - 550 hp future XE SV-R (the RV SEX). Have you heard even a mumble about a coupe?!

Oppo, face it. The future will have SUVs outperforming sedans, sedans out running sports coupes, all 2+2 sports coupes becoming full on sportscars, and all FMR sportscars going RMR simply to keep pushing automotive athletics up until electric motors standardize performance across all brands. Oh, and actual wagons are coming back with a high performance focus!

We are entering into the Greatest Performance Era, period! The Greatest Performance Period, era...errr ever!! The late 60s are going to look like a complete joke by 2020. I need to sit down and do a big post about this because these are and will always be the most exciting times to ever happen to enthusiasts and everyone is missing it simply because they don’t get to use their left foot. But keep complaining about that because it’s the only, the absolute ONLY way we will get the option because our cries about the lack of engagement are the only reason ANY cars over 500 hp offer a manual.


If you have the ability to enjoy this era of Nurburgring Developed Performance then gitdimit you better take it! Jaguar is essentially Hellcating and 1LE-ing what may be their lightest and most affordable V8 car. Add to that some hyper exotic production numbers from a legendary brand and you have something truly special at a relatively low price.

GTR-ified Infiniti Q50s, LS4 equipped ATS-V...think about how insane those sound and then realize that Jaguar is doing it. Mercedes cancelled the C63 R and the AMG GT Sedan is going to be more like a Panamera competitor. It will be several years before the Jaguar XE SV Project 8 has another small sedan like it so if you can get on the list and have NSX money then enjoy the era!!!


*I just can’t believe how nonchalant everyone has been about a true hypersedan being birthed into the world in 2018. This is the kind of rare production announcement that should have had people looting last night. These really are the best times to ever be an enthusiast, but I guess its in fashion right now to be clincal, cynical, and critical of even the best of news.

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